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Parafia Św. Stanisława Biskupa i Męczennika

Bishop and Martyr

New Haven, Connecticut


Altar Servers

To be an Altar Server is a special honor and a great privilege in the Catholic Church. Altar Servers today can trace their roots to the order of Acolyte, a ministry that once was reserved only for those who were going to be ordained priests. One can look upon being an Altar Server as a special and unique ministry by which a young person can help to spread the word and the love of Christ through your actions and words.

It is not difficult to be an Altar Server, but there are some things you must know and remember. To be an Altar Server you must have made your First Holy Communion and you must attend training. Please contact the Rectory Office at St. Stanislaus Parish at 203-562-2828 if you would like to be an Altar Server.